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VENDAJULES is an EMERGING beauty brand in Ghana which offers the most luxurious experience to our cherished customers.

VENDAJULES has been in the beauty industry for 5years to understand clients needs and offer them the best services and products they deserve.

VENDAJULES focuses on everything that has to do with beauty, fashion and lifestyle as well as empowerment and education. Makeup Application is basically for everyone and it has come to play a very vital role in our recent days.

Makeup artistry has become diverse and its diversity has produced and made people independent and influential.
Vendajules provides the best makeup application on our various customers and clients both home and abroad. We are Team of Makeup Artists ready to make you acquire instant luxury confidence.

VendaJules also provides the BEST MAKEUP ARTISTRY TRAINING for everyone who would love to accept makeup as part of their everyday life. The training also equips and empower women and men who would love to take it as a PROFESSION.

VENDAJULES also has OTHER connecting companies such as our Courier Service Business which known as VENDAJULES EXPRESS. And Our LUXURY HAIR business which is known as VENDAJULES HAIRS which serves women of colour


Vendajules has been awarded Fashion and Lifestyle Makeup Artist of the Year Award 2020, and also Vendajules has been awarded Ghana Style Makeup Artist of the Year Award 2021. Vendajules for their quality services and outstanding reputation has also been nominated for several awards in Ghana, Africa.

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